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Vulnhub Competition: Persistence

Only a couple of hours have past since Persistence VulnHub competition ended.

Of course, again, as a VulnHub addict as i am, i couldn’t refrain my urge to partecipate and feel the pain :)

I really enjoyed playing this vulnerable VM, and the reward for such an high amount of frustration was a lot and lot of fun.

Many people partecipated this time, way more then the ones who took part in the Hades challenge, and this is a demonstration that VulnHub is getting more and more popular every day.

Now that the competition is over, i feel like i want to share my submission with everyone, by linking the PDF directly here… yes, i know, i’m lazy, but i don’t feel like copying and pasting it into a blog post, considering the result would be pretty much the same :).

And yes yes, i also know that my english is terrible, but i think that it is, at a bare minimum, at least understandable.

I intend to use this post also to thank Superkojiman, sagi- for the effort and time spent in putting togeder this funny VM, and of course VulnHub staff that every day put a lot of energy in keeping the great project going for the good of the community, by providing an awesome playground for having fun and learning stuff free of charge :)

For those who are still interested in reading it, here is my writeup (in PDF format): Persistence

Oh, and i almost forgot, here you can find other writeups from other people who made a submissions, for your reading pleasure.